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The instantaneous nature of photography allows me to capture an incomplete thought, yet make it appear purposeful and precise. It takes more effort to produce an incomplete looking photograph, than a ready-made photographic image. I combine images to create continuous forms where photos link or double, like two words, to birth a new meaning: nightlight, eyelash, skyscraper. Even in its outer shape my work resembles the formula of a sentence, some close in punctuation while others dangle prepositions.

Raheny began when I moved to Ireland after college to find comfort in being alone and foreign. Raheny is a suburb of Dublin. My work focused on a longing for stillness and silence as a form of comfort. I lived in a house connected to another house that looked like every double house in Raheny. I rode the DART, a metro rail, every morning to work. It became a routine and it became easy to stop thinking about each day as separate.