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NOT-A-CAMERA is a REAL camera designed to look like a fake 2D camera etched into wood that shoots HD video and 3.5mb jpgs. Yep, it’s a functional camera, a spy camera laser cut in solid walnut and only half an inch thick. There is also a mirror front version for snapping a selfie.

I originally made NOT-A-CAMERA as a gift for my grandma, Olivia Barr, who is 101 years old. I'm named after her and the third generation Olivia in my family. She started taking photos in her 90s and I wanted to make her a camera that was light and easy to use.

I am also inviting individual artists to work with NOT-A-CAMERA. Check out images and video from the ongoing project on tumblr:

If you would like to own NOT-A-CAMERA you buy one here:…

Camera Specifications:
Size: 3 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches
Chain: gunmetal rolo 34 inches
Video: 1280x720 in HD; 720p
Format: MOV; 60fps
Audio: 16 bits; Single Channel
Photo: 3.5MB; 1280x960
Webcam: 640x480 (PC only)
Micro SD: 8 GB; class 4
Battery: 3.6 volt; 250 mAh